How to Pick Up Your Order…..

We are a small operation who partners with local business as “pick up locations” in the Baton Rouge area. Simply place your order online for a particular date, then pick up your order on that day at the location listed below during regular business hours. Easy - Peasy!

The ordering process is simple:

  1. Select everything you want from our site for your desired pick up date.

  2. Place your order online (its really a pre-order, to be honest).

  3. Drive your car, hire an Uber, ride your motorcycle, take a bicycle, use your feet, ride an emu…..there’s no wrong way to get there, just show up at the pick up location during regular business hours on your pick up date and enjoy the finest artisan breads and pastries the good ol Red Stick has ever known!

  4. Please enjoy immediately! Due to the ephemeral nature of our baked goods, we only hold them until the end of the pick up day specified.

Pick Up Your Delicious Orders on the day your pre-order is placed for from 11am - 5pm, unless specified otherwise. Your order confirmation email has a reminder of the exact date your order will be ready for pickup. Visit us at the Glassell Gallery, located in the Shaw Arts Building in Downtown Baton Rouge at 100 Lafayette St. The front door is on the Convention St. side of the building and there is a 10 minute parking space for loading/unloading directly in front of the gallery entrance.

Glassell Gallery - 100 Lafayette St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801