Rösch Bakehaus is an artisanal bakery specializing in small batch, handcrafted traditional breads, German style pretzels and gourmet pastry. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the bakery is owned and managed by James Osborne IV and Melodie Reay.

Great tasting bread requires time and patience. Rösch Bakehaus breads are made using a classical, truly artisan process with only the very finest ingredients availabl. We will always use only unbleached and unbromated flours, cage free eggs and as little refined sugar as possbile. We allow the dough time to form complex flavors — no chemical or artificial additives of any kind are ever used.

The tradition of making and eating twisted pretzels and pretzel breads began early in the 7th century in Ancient Rome, and have remained a part of our history, culture and religion ever since! With a passion for slow food and historical techniques, Rösch Bakehaus carries on the tradition of crafting this ancient bread for all to enjoy.

We offer a large variety of traditional and contemporary hearth & pretzel breads including: twisted pretzels, pretzel sandwich and sausage buns, stuffed pretzel buns, shortbreads, cookies, truffles and more, in addition to a variety of savory and sweet dips and spreads. Additionally, we offer a full line of traditionally made hearth breads including wild sourdoughs, brioche, babkas, gourmet king cakes and many others.  We are pleased to collaborate with you to develop custom flavors and shapes to meet your needs anytime, don’t hesitate to ask!

If you have questions about catering, we would be happy to discuss your menu and needs, just get in touch.

Thank you for your support of Rösch Bakehaus, we look forward to serving you!